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Enjoy His Gifts

Enjoy His Gifts
What is the use of knowing Jesus saves from sin if you are never saved? , having a gorgeous mansion if you never live in it? Seeing the supernatural peace of God in a close friend’s life if you never experience it for yourself? Can you imagine starving to death while sitting at a seven- course gourmet dinner because you cannot  and will not eat? I have realized that  at the core of God’s blessing is the ability to fully enjoy and experience His gifts.
The key to this ability is believing Him and what He promises.

There are two stories in the Bible that illustrate this in  2 Kings 7 when there was a severe famine in Israel. The prophet Elisha, prophesied the famine would end the next day with a surplus of  cheap food . One of the king’s associates stated that would never happen. The prophet stated, he would see the  surplus food but would not enjoy it. He was trampled to death by the people when the famine miraculously ended because of his unbelief.

The second story is in Numbers 13 and 14 when the 12 spies returned from the promised land with evidence of how good the land was. The Israelites however wept in fear and unbelief when they heard of the giants in the land.
God turned them around in literal view of the promised land to wander and die in the desert for 40 years because of their unbelief.
In both these stories we see people so close to His gifts but unable to enjoy them because of unbelief.
This year  open your heart to believe God and His promises ,so you can fully enjoy and experience all the good things He has given you.
He is faithful and able!