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The Identical Twins – Faith and Hope

The Identical Twins – Faith and Hope

Faith?… Hope?… Identical twins? …Are there two of them? …Which of them do I know?” …Is the one I know the one I think I know? …. Or the one I know is not even the one I think I know?

O yea! There are two of them but they are so hard to tell apart most people think they are one person. I’m guessing Hope is the older because according to the records, Faith is the evidence of things Hoped for. But Faith is more famous because without him it is impossible to please God. You’ve been to see God so you know they both work for Him, right? At least you know one of them does, right?

Well, if you ever go to see God with a problem, it is Hope’s job to receive you. He is gregarious. He will regale you with stories of the great things God has done, all the while radiating such peace and confidence that no matter the enormity of your problem in your own eyes you will begin to see light in your dark tunnel. You will have no doubt that God will be willing and, even more importantly, able to unravel what you are convinced is the knottiest problem in the world. Really, the guy “is an anchor for the soul”. He will keep you from going over the deep edge in despair.  But Hope never makes promises because he never knows what God is going to do – that is above his pay grade. He only knows what God has done in the past so he gives you his best guess of what he thinks God will do in the future, and no suing him if it doesn’t happen.

Now Faith on the other hand, he has the inside scope on everything God is up to. Unlike his brother, he is very reserved so he only shows up after hearing the word of God. It is Faith’s job to make you “certain of what you have not seen”. He can show you the end of your problem even though God has not yet resolved it. Basically, when Faith shows up, you can take what he says to the bank because you know your problem is solved, and sue him if it’s not. He is the guy you want to link up with. I guess that is why he is famous.

So back to my question? Do you know both of them? And if you know only one, is the one you know who you think he is? Coz I have seen people meet Hope at the door, think he was Faith and get so excited they run off into the sunset.

(Evil Voice) I see a lot of lawsuits in the future … Ha ha ha.