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Insights from the Mission Field

Insights from the Mission Field

God showed me that Happiness is not a matter of where you were born or where you live or the conditions surrounding your growing up. Rather is one’s own perception of how God has blessed them and how grateful they are for what God has done. Through this trip I have learned that God created us with different abilities and has given us everything we need to be happy but that individual perceptions of life and expectations  in life affect our ability to appreciate the beauties of God’s creation in order to lead a happy life. I saw people whom I perceived to be “poor, unhealthy, suffering” but who were demonstrating all the signs of happiness- laughter, singing, dancing, smiling, clapping, jumping, which the so-called privileged of the western developed world never seem to have.


People who do not have thousands of dollars in their bank accounts but who never demonstrated any signs of worry as to what they’d rest tomorrow. Of course this is the attitude that God wants us to have (Matthew 6:25-34). He doesn’t want us to worry about tomorrow because He alone knows tomorrow and He knows how he will see us through and therefore he commands us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness so that every other thing can be added to us. Sometimes one needs to travel across the Atlantic to see exactly what this means.
The Adonai experience has changed my mindset and my whole perspective of life. I used to think I grew up in poverty but then there are people who thought I had a perfect life. First off all the words poverty, suffering and unhealthy are all very subjective and do not depend on where we were born or how we grow up or on where the next meal will come from. The people I thought needed healthcare and food taught me that they are happier than myself, they do not worry about tomorrow, even those that do not believe in God!!!!! That’s such a challenge to my Christianity. To practice what I preach. We preach Jesus but we do not believe Him, oh ye of little faith! To embrace others without being skeptical. Most importantly I have learned to be a role model. That’s the best way to preach the gospel, by living it.

* My role as a world Christian is to learn and accept the differences in cultures that God gave us and to live as a role model so that others who watch will see Christ in me.
* In six months I will like to be raising funds to sponsor myself or another to go for missions